Playing Beyond the Net

Advanced Volleyball Summer Clinic

High Level Transition
​and Counter Attack

Recruiting Panel
​for Parents

Playing Beyond
​the Net

    This camp will feature college coaches as well as some recently recruited players. College coaches will educate you on what they look for and how to properly communicate with them during season and out of season. The recently recruited players will be available to share their stories. Their successes and challenges and give advice as kids who just went through the process.

    We will open your mind to see the game on the other side of the net.  You will learn to anticipate what’s happening before it happens so you will be able to best position yourself to capitalize for your team.
    Dedicated time to showing athletes how to effectively move from their base position to their transition defensive spot, then break off and move towards making themselves a viable attack option whether in front row or back. 

Welcome to Playing Beyond the Net

This camp has been created and designed for the high level volleyball player. These athletes have goals and dreams of one day putting on a college uniform. Our target training is both mental as well as physical skills that will help athletes aspire to the next level of their game.

Tryouts >  May 9th, 2015 

For girls currently in, or entering high school.

Camp >  August 4-6, 2015

Top 60 qualified players will attend the camp.